The Moments We Never Shared…

Life is full of moments— that much is for sure!

I recently found myself scrolling through old photos to find pictures of moments I cherished that I did nothing with.  Pictures of cherished memories just sitting there on a hard drive… which brings me to this moment here– inspiration!

I refuse to let cherished (and some regrettable) memories and experiences fade from existence! 

I have revamped my space, updated, and put up new wallpaper…(because its virtual– get it?) It’s time to blow the dust off the photo albums and show some baby butts.

Seeing old photos has reminded me…I don’t travel the world for nothing.  Life has brought me love, joy, pain, and heartbreak…and its time to share the lessons, memories, insights and advice that I have learned (and continue to learn–i know you think I am fully enlightened –but I am not).

Welcome to the newest project and VIDEO BLOG by @jonathanhursh – I Call it:


So to start: I share some pictures I did nothing with but let them sit on my hard drive:

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Love Always My Sissy’s & Broskis (yup I nicknamed you) — Enjoy the Ride,


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Jonathan Hursh

Vlogger. Blogger. Content creator. Author. Media Personality. Teacher. Historian. American Veteran. Life Development Advocate.

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