Aloha! from TRUMP International Waikiki: Man’s Best Friend


Waikiki Beach photo by Jonathan Hursh

If you think you have experienced paradise – then you must have been to the Trump International Hotel Waikiki…

My #furryfriend travel companion agrees!

“Atticus” the Airedale Terrior is likely one of the most hip travel dogs in existence. 🤙🏼 Arctic Circle, Tropics, Disneyland riding dumbo–he’s been there with me!

He’s been everywhere, man…

…and then there’s my daughter Viviana. We are a father/daughter duo like none other. You’re going to fall in love.

Let us bring you along on our adventures …LIKE and share: we got love to share!

Writer, Vlogger, Media Consultant Jonathan Hursh
Photo by Viviana Hursh


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Jonathan Hursh

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