Original footage: ARREST of JOE MONTANA’s GRANBABY KIDNAPPER captured by Jonathan Hursh


I, Jonathan Hursh, never expected that what I was witnessing was the aftermath of legendary quarterback, JOE COOL JOE MONTANA’s 9 month old baby granddaughter was snatched from her playpen in broad daylight.

As a local to Malibu…I was positioned up on the hill across the street and a few houses down from famed quarterback JOE MONTANA at my personal residence.

As a single father of a beautiful 10 year old daughter myself…Never did I imagine what I would find out I had witnessed. Having served in Iraq’s deadliest war in the 1-501 INFANTRY “GERONIMO ALL THE WAY” where I have endured the desertion of my brothers in arms at the decisions of largely publicized BEAU BERHGDAHL who abandoned his post to meet up with the taliban leading to the death of additional soldiers and an invitation to the White House by PRESIDENT Barrack Obama …the likes of which many of us honorably discharged combat veterans will never experience…


What could posses someone to walk into someone else’s home…and steal their baby.

I have already seen conspiracy theories on the internet wondering if 5ere could be child trafficking motivations behind this…others allege it could be that she simply has mental health issues.

I BELIEVE THERE IS NEVER A GOOD REASON OR EXCUSE FOR KIDNAPPING and would urge law enforcement, investigators, and Media Outlets to go full force in the attempt to uncover the WHY behind this, thankfully averted tragedy.


AUTHOR @jonathanhursh is a totally and permanently disabled combat veteran who served on the Iraq War from 2006 to 2007, A former 4th grade teacher, and is retired and an independent entrepreneur residing in Malibu, California.

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JUSTIFIED MURDER: How many more “Rodney Kings” does it have to be?

Many people seem to have forgotten–though we’ve all heard the phrase Commonly used by military veterans, “never forget”.

Rodney King was beaten by police officers 56 times with multiple clubs…. a Korean lady murdered a black child and all the judge gave her was probation and no jail time ? The cops who beat Rodney King … not guilty—-Cause they were white. That led to the riots in LA in 1992. A jury said his beating was justified. What is different nowadays? I see cops justifying all kinds of violence …because they have a badge. 6 weeks of academy and they are the Gods of law enforcement….lawyers go to college 8 years and barely know the law.

Well…I’m called a stupid, liberal idiot (and I’m not a democrat or a liberal —I’m a libertarian) if I support black people who are still pissed that the law and myth that “justice is for all” and remains a pipe dream. We live in a society where “money talks” and criminals walk. Crime is ok as long as you can pay the fee.

Cops with 6 weeks of training can give an innocent man a charge (me) that can take away his right to vote for walking down the steeet and using my own freedom of speech against me as if it is a crime and calling me a “rioter”…and I’m not even black. I am not an authority boot licker … I can stand for my own values and also recognize when human and civil rights are not respected or valued.

Cops are still drunk on power and Martin Luther King Junior would still be speaking against injustice …but he was murdered too remember? Wake the f up and stop worshiping authority!

I have personally experienced police brutality multiple times. Once my service dog was taken from me in an airport because I was reported to have been intoxicated – eveb though I wasn’t. And recently in Phoenix, Arizona police pepper sprayed me and beat me up for questioning the legality of them limiting my free speech and movement.

Mugshot of Phoenix resident Jonathan Hursh arrested for questioning a police officer in his neighborhood

Freedom for all is STILL not a reality in America and having served this country I take freedom seriously …and not just MY OWN.



I voted for President Trump by the way… so don’t tell me this is a political issue …I call bullshit. People just want to make it political– everyone has an agenda and I’m ok with being bold about what my agenda is: LOVE everyone. PERIODT.

Freedom for all is STILL not a reality in America and having served this country I take freedom seriously …and not just MY OWN.


GET OVER; It’s 2020.

Jonathan Hursh is a U.S. Army Combat Veteran Paratrooper, M.A. Master of Educational Technologist, BA History, State Certified Professional Teacher, Writer & Digital Influencer. Contact the author Jonathan Hursh @


Veterans Day 2019 is coming …thank a veteran…we’re not crazy.

It’s almost Veterans Day.

We all have our struggles.

The purpose of this article is not an attempt to collect sympathy, but to promote awareness.

I appreciated an article I recently read. The premise discussed an idea that veterans sometimes attempt to “scam the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs” by trying to get compensated for things like PTSD that they may not deserve…so I wanted to comment on that idea.

I would be happy to see all veterans be compensated for their selfless service.

I admit.. the article did concern me that focusing on possible “compensation scamming” may unintentionally take attention away from the fact that an overwhelming number of veterans do not receive adequate care, have not received due compensation and are often not properly advocated for —

Instead, I would rather emphasize that Veterans who received honorable discharges from military service and who receive compensation is earned compensation— not Charity. Not a handout.

As a disabled veterans myself, I can attest it took me a long time to even admit I was struggling after military service.

I didn’t believe I was entitled to anything –I held the idea I volunteered to serve, nobody twisted my arm to do it and I accepted the risk. I knew could have died but I was just thankful I didn’t.

If anything–I felt like I was scamming if I complained because other soldiers suffered worse than me…and so did the families who will never see their soldiers again. However that does not actually mean the effect on other Veterans struggles don’t warrant recognition and thanks -especially by the VA. Many people may be perceived to be “scamming the VA” for entitlements. I , however, would rather argue that quite possibly it is the other way around…the VA and American citizens are scamming Veterans by making us think and feel that we are not entitled to compensation for the effects in the aftermath of being used as pawns in a war the government didn’t even let us finish.

I initially filed for PTSD upon exiting the Army in 2008. I was denied everything I applied for including PTSD. I was denied any service connection for any trauma or effect on my life. I was told there is no evidence the Army caused any negative effect on me. Like many Veterans I didn’t know at the time how to advocate. I tried again when I got tired of losing everyone I loved because I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me—why I couldn’t stop scaring people away. Why I couldn’t lying to myself that was “fine”. In 2012 the claim reopened because I found an advocate after at least attempting to get help after failed efforts to save yet another failing relationship but I forgot went anywhere and closed- no evidence of any stressor that could cause anything I was experiencing they said. I continued sucking at life – 2 Multiple resignations from jobs I loved because I couldn’t cope Two divorces and heartbreaks …from two different — absolutely wonderful, smart, amazing, talented women who really did love the real me —but didn’t like and couldn’t deal with the monster inside. And how could I expect them to? I didn’t like him wait her. Then multiple resignations from my jobs I actually loved because —l couldn’t cope with the foreclosures, divorces, and relational ruin at the same time. It was also hard to deal with the slander and public accusations of racism and being a fascist for being politically involved in a candidates run for the presidency who I believed stood for veterans rights. Yes Trump. He won by the way. It also didn’t go over well when I stood up to people protesting at anti-American rallies. I’ve received Criminal accusations filed against me for supposedly spitting at a man who stalked me and chased me in the street calling me a racist and ruining this country – the accusation literally says I have white man disease —you should read it when my book comes out.

I didnt get to see my daughter born because my ex was afraid of my potential for negative emotional response at something as “emotionally triggering” as my daughters birth …because she thought I was unstable. I have had to deal with the development of Bipolar 1 diagnosis due to wreckless decisions made self-medicating with alcohol, gambling, weed and promiscuity while trying to counter depression with self-medication during relapses between divorces and lost jobs. Would you believe it doesn’t work?

I have dealt with addiction. Wreckless behavior like speeding in excess of 150 mph because of flawed thinking like, “who cares if I die it can’t be worse than this”.

2 hospitalizations In crisis recovery for inability to stop ruminating on thoughts of suicide despite the fact that o didn’t want to die- I just wanted to be happy. More diagnosis of PTSD. More delusions and paranoia that people are always out to get me or always going to leave me. One day it’s Monday…”hey look…a good day” Then Tuesday hits.

More paranoia. Are people chasing me? I’m just trying to get to inauguration. oh look I’ve found myself “Abandoned” by a “friend” in a hotel- in a city I don’t know. More paranoia. “Are people chasing me?” More accusations. “You overheard online you attention seeker!!” That’s what I’m told anyway. Oh look…a friend. But are they? How can I really know now? Now I am in Washington DC —its 2016… a senator really invited me to inauguration? Wow. Amazing. I should tell people but they think I’m lying. Im on a radio show? “They probably want to hear my story!!” Nope. They just wanted to mock me. “You’re the crazy Trump supporter traveling the country aren’t you”. “Nope, wrong guy I say.“ “I’m not crazy”. Imminent ”delusional fear” of terrorist danger at inauguration. Yeah…I’m delusional. While they burn down the limousine in front of the police …I’m the “crazy” one.

Why is the secret service following me? Oh-you must not have seen the video I recorded. “You are assaulting me” the DC police say to me…” you assaulted me because you are touching the fence and the fence is an extension of my arm” he says. I better get out of here. “Good thing my family is here with me“, I think to myself. Oh. They think I’m crazy too. “Are you on your medication?” they say. Sigh.

Jonathan we support you. The next day…they throw my stuff out of the hotel room in the hallway of My own hotel room because….because…I don’t know why. Why is the crazy guy crying in the hallway?Hmm…good thing they support me.

Ok skip ahead…have you heard of Kelly Ann Conway and Mike Pence? Or a band called, “Transform DJs” …short story…the secret service finds me by name…escorts me to then …I lead them to their concert because their tour bus got lost. Now I’m on their stage with them…in front of 2 million people at the March for life…Mike Pence is there. You don’t Believe me? Did someone tell you I had bipolar? Are you thinking these are symptomatic delusions of grandeur? I get that more than you think. Or maybe it’s PTSD? Nope. I don’t have that. Did you forget they said there’s no evidence? And it’s not service connected? Good thing I have Video of all this too. “I hope one day I get to tell my story” I think to myself. …But they don’t want to hear. They think I’m crazy.

Oh well. Fuck ‘em. Plus…they’re not all wrong.

I can’t believe I was in the front row of President Trump’s inauguration! A true historic moment and I was a part of it. But I’m still unemployed. That’s too bad. I miss my daughter. I’m going home now guys.

“I missed you so much Viviana”. And she loves me too…but I found a job —sure, it was in the arctic circle where the polar bears are and the sun only shows up 3 months a year …but it was a job and I needed one. right? Yeah. But that’s another chapter—for another day.

I’d rather focus on Arizona right now—my new home.

Need to stop thinking. Need to take a break of remembering the angry people burning the city to the ground in front of me and attacking me. Theyre not happy about our president. Uh oh …looks like “the crazy guy” was ridiculed in the news media for celebrating the win of my president in this “free country” I served. Lots of trying to get life together, lots of depression when met with opposition. I have to remember they don’t know I’m a good person. They don’t know me. “One day I’ll get to tell my story”, I think to myself again. One day….they’ll know I’m not crazy. One day…they’ll know Vets are not crazy. One day they’ll know disabilities don’t mean you’re dangerous. Maybe I can help. One day. I have to think positive.

Finally filed to reopen PTSD claim in 2018 adding my own evidence and my own written testimony and narrative since I’m 2008 even though I was seeing a psychiatrist and diagnosed for OCD and PTSD the VA WHILE still in the army post deployment to iraq in 2006/07…VA claimed not enough evidence as if they didn’t have any way to figure out I was in combat or went to the army mental health.

THIS time in 2018 the scheduled me an exam in about 4 weeks from reopening same damn PTSD claim. I received Service connection and a 70% rating for PTSD. 30 days ago after relocating to Arizona from Alaska for a new job I was out on mandatory sick leave to go to the VA for complaints of coworkers that my demeanor scared them, they think I’m too to harsh, don’t like my tone of voice, etc etc. Boss said my disability was interfering with work culture and I was moving beyond “reasonable accommodation “

So 30 days ago I requested HLR higher level review. I contested the effective date of PTSD which they put as 2018 and I contested my rating from 70 and said I deserve 100.

Just yesterday the HLR Call came in.

He informed me he could not take new evidence but Asked what I contested. I told him if the VA had originally looked into my file they would have seen my stressor was service connected because I was deployed and I was in combat and I had a army diagnosis at army mental health and was medicated. I also told them I believe the VA examiner under communicated the actual extent of my difficulties in life. I admitted it was possible I withheld some of the things and behaviors I do because I was ashamed.

The VA Higher level reviewer told me he worked with the va since 2008 and he knows how the va was so I don’t even have to tell him. He also told me if my rating doesn’t get increased to be aware of TBI you and I should apply for it. He then said that if he can get me 100% rating he will. He told me that most people ask how long it will take and he said after speaking with the battery and he has been getting things done in a couple of weeks.

I am now waiting to hear what his decision is.

If career politicians are entitled to lifelong salaries for government office service.

I personally believe ALL veterans of foreign wars who make it home alive deserve compensation for the effects of reintegrating into a civilian society in peace after being psychologically programmed to comply to the demands of a war and combat.

Any veteran seeking compensation – deserves the benefit of the doubt and no ones needs to perpetuate a narrative that veterans are crazy. Veterans came from a system which considers them —not humans—but property and tools—for missions. Missions civilians will never hear about.

If anyone scammed anyone —maybe it was the bullies, the haters, the deceivers, the enemies of truth and openness…of freedom to be honest about your struggles. Maybe the scam….is that someone is trying to pull our strings. Someone is trying to make sure our story doesn’t get told . Someone is trying to tell us all—that freedom isn’t real anymore.

I have more to tell…but it will be in my book. One day. For now…Veterans day is coming. Please honor veterans by thanking them. Maybe not the true scammers like Beau Bergdahl. You don’t remember him? The taliban who dishonored our unit, our corps, and our country by deserting his obligation and joining the taliban and was invited to the Whitehouse by Obama? …but I’m the crazy one. Berg heals disability was acknowledged. It’s 2019. Up is down and down is up.

Happy Veterans Day. 🇺🇸 We’re not crazy. We might be a little rough around the edges–but despite the fact most the ones I know are some pretty good dudes.

No one has any right to call any Veteran who received an honorable discharge crazy or a scammer —especially the government they served.

I am confident to speak for most of us that we would just like to belive that everything we did was NOT in vain and not for nothing.

I encourage you to allow Veterans Day to be a reminder to thank us for our sacrifices and remind us that you care.

We aren’t just after free meals at Golden Corral and 10 percent discounts.

Like most people, we just want to be happy.

So, Happy Veterans Day.

Jonathan Hursh

1-501 Airborne


Memorial Day 2019: Remembering the sacrifices, celebrating the freedom, carrying the torch.

Authored by: Jonathan Hursh

May 27, 2019

Happy Memorial Day and blessings and Comfort to those who have lost someone they love.

When I was a young, new recruit in basic training striving for the day I would earn the right to be called “soldier” in the United States Army– Everyday before we would receive classroom instruction covering any number of skills, concepts or tactics it was required that all recruits recite –at the top of our lungs: “THE LAW”.

At the time I don’t think I really even understood what it was we were saying – or why. I knew nothing of combat or deployments. I was a private first class…Which I assure you does not ensure a free drink and a comfy seat. In hindsight, I now recognize I had not yet grasped the gravity and reality of the real enemy –the very real threat to American freedom, opportunity, democracy– The American Way of life as set out and described in the United States Constitution, the Articles of Confederation and the United States Bill of Rights.

As I reminisce this memorial day, I observe the contemporary social and political climate. I am reminded today–It is up to the living to honor the dead. It is also up to the living to ensure the freedoms of the past do not fade away with the future…It is up to American citizens to ensure America remains the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Ronald Reagan warned,

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

Some years have passed since I was a young motivated idealist in basic training. I have grown to know the meaning of loss. I have experienced pain. And I know the sting of regret.

For these things I am thankful because with the loss, pain, and hard memories also comes a greater understanding. Understanding and awareness for the significance of my part to ensure my own and my country’s prosperity.

Some now are are actually plotting.

They DO gather in the night.

They ARE aligned with powers in this world who do not share the values or desire for freedom, love, peace and opportunity for all.

Social engineers armed with lies and manipulation in the pursuit of sex, money, power.

They are LAWLESS.

Now, as I type this I have more clarity as to why we we recite, “The Law”. I didn’t exactly know what it meant when I learned it…but I do now.

We are prepared to defend against all enemies of freedom; foreign or domestic.

NEVER underestimate the power of the American spirit. We are awake. We are alert. And America is Alive. So drive on.

🇺🇸THE LAW 🇺🇸:

🇺🇸This is our DOMAIN! 🇺🇸

Are we not men?


We are not men, we are beasts!

Because you have made us beasts!

We will not walk, we will not talk


We will only dress right, dress right, dress!

Ready, front!

And as a last resort…

We will use cold blue steel—and stab, between the 2nd and 3rd ribs and twist!


Love, kindness, tolerance– may they be our FIRST resort… yet let us be prepared to fight and defend the values that ensure our prosperity reaches to future generations When those ideals are threatened.

We will always remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom’s.Memorial to Soldier lost In support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2006 to 2008

Jonathan Hursh is currently working on authoring his first narrative documentary entitled,

HEROES IN THE SHADOWS: The Untold Stories of American Veterans

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It seems there is not a war on drugs… But may be a “War on Veterans”

Marijuana is bad. Marijuana is the devil – says the United States federal government…to the United States Veteran’a Association.

Despite efforts to investigate possible benefits of medicinal marijuana use America’s veterans. The FEDS continue to shut them down. The #VA WILL happily give you addictive, pills worth side effects WORSE than your disability!! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔 Oh and if you need a drug test?

Marijuana is the most likely Drug to cause you to fail and have detrimental negative impact on your life—Because MJ stays in your system for 30 days or more!

But crack, cocaine, Meth, amphetamines ,… 2 to 3 days you’re good …And feel free to be an alcoholic nobody tests for that. You can be a meth addict all the way up until three days before you start working with patients!

Hmmm ? Now, “I may not be a smart man… But I know what love is.”

I am not convinced Uncle Sam is making decisions on treating veterans based on love and health…

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you.

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Love Always,

Just your average single father and United States veteran.

(Picture for illustration purposes only)

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ARMY BROTHERS REUNITED! : Spurs Operation Forgotten Soldiers


While planning a travel documentary to take place summer of 2019 in Waikiki, Hawaii…

As if on cue… I stumbled across a long lost friend I never knew I would find. The last time we saw each other he was recovering from being blown to smithereens 12 years ago.

After finding my battle buddy and one of my best friends in the world -Hero Goose Grosswiler–Affectionately, “GOOSE” — the goal of my project was made clear…find & reunite the forgotten soldiers–and tell their stories.

In this instance– Goode and I had been separated following an IED attack on one of his patrols in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In the army- we don’t use first names. It’s Rank and Surname. We didn’t know each other’s first names and so we couldn’t find each other when the proverbial dust settled.

Goose endured and continues to endure the effects of terrible pain, overcoming substance dependence and more adversity then a person ever deserves–

The Aftermath of an IED Attack Taking ‘Goose’ Out

We haven’t seen each other in 12 years.

And just like that -SNAP- my mission has become clear.

No one knows our stories.

They look at us and see the exterior…we look like everyone else. We don’t talk about it. Because no one seems to care — or if they do they don’t understand.

We suffer but we try to be strong.

The world doesn’t know we were green berets, rangers, generals, scouts, war heroes. They don’t know we lost our best friends and families to war, suicide, divorce, alcoholism – the world sees problem who just don’t fit in anymore. They don’t know the battles and wars we’ve over come–that often the war actually starts for us when we get home.

But when we find each other…we know each other. We know the struggle as we just try to find our own paradise and put the past behind us.

My documentary will still be in Waikiki —where THE ARMYS 25thID is BTW— but I am going to focus on the lives of these unknown heroes that people forget about once we move on from the military.

When we find each other – we don’t even have to explain – we understand each other.

Like when I found Goose!

My documentary will seek out the forgotten heroes!!! Tell their stories!

Some of them end up homeless and some of them end up lost in their 9 to 5.

The mission:



The struggles people don’t understand and the fact that we still are successfuland able to find smiles on our faces despite the shit we have left behind.

How we really, actually are a


If you would like to support this effort or be involved in anyway please contact Jonathan Hursh:

I am Jonathan Hursh…I’m just a messenger, but you need to know these stories.

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