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Jonathan Hursh currently lives in Malibu, California. He was born in Denver, Colorado and spent the majority of his childhood years between Southern, California and rural Colorado.

AUTHOR @jonathanhursh is a totally and permanently disabled combat veteran who served on the Iraq War from 2006 to 2007, A former 4th grade teacher, and is retired and an independent entrepreneur residing in Malibu, California. 

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  • While situated with the 4th/25th Brigade Combat Team, Specialist Hursh was assigned to Headquarters & Headquarter Company (HHC) at the battalion level. He served in many capacities to support the goals of daily missions including acting as the commander’s radio operator, security monitor, flag bearer, Re-trans station antenna and comms set up, operation and break down, and vehicle re-trans & FBCB2 (Force Battle Communications Broadcasting) Jonathan also acted as the battalion radio systems installer, operator, maintainer, and troubleshooter. He maintained the communications generators, satellite communications use in training, and made necessary improvements to include workplace affectively and efficiency. Jonathan was awarded the Army Commendation Medal as a result in recognition of his meritorious service And excellence in service contributing to the missions success.
  • Jonathan was assigned to the 1-501st Paratrooper Infantry Regiment as a member of the United States Signal Corps. It was here he earned his military occupational specialty (MOS): ‘Signal Support Systems Specialist.’
  • Jonathan served four years on active-duty from September 20, 2004 until September 19, 2008. He served an additional two years in the United States Army Reserves joining the 267th Engineering Company as partial Fulfillment of his commitment to service. His entire obligation What’s for fill in for on September 20, 2010.
  • Post-military service–after completing various technologically focused contracting jobs, Jonathan was hired as the Technology Coordinator II for a public charter school in Anchorage, AK.. After three years he left to complete his course studies and successfully earned his teaching license in the state of Alaska.
  • Within days receiving the approval for his Alaska Teaching Certificate, Jonathan was hired by the Anchorage school District as a full time 4th grade teacher.
  • After 3 1/2 years teaching fourth grade at Ocean View Elementary in South Anchorage –Jonathan decided to continue teaching but in remote / rural Alaska at a small village of 750 primarily Y’upik Alaskan natives.

Aside from receiving military medals and ribbons during his service in the Army–Jonathan was recognized by the Kiwanis Club for his Demonstrated determination to never give up and always strive for excellence. He also received the Brent Freestone Memorial Scholarship (the scholarship Originated in memory of Friend Freestone who took his own life) The scholarship was eligible to those who were proven to have shown Significant evidence overcome adversity in their lives and yet still shows strong potential for Realize realized success.increased awareness and end suicide) on the basis of his optimistic approach to overcoming adversity despite the fact that this scholarship was normally only given to students who had been at the same high school for the whole four years and Jonathan have only been there one

Furthermore, Jonathan has traveled the world from one extreme to the other and back again. From being born in the 1983 blizzard In Denver, Colorado to being raised near the Sunny beaches and sandy sidewalks in Southern, California. From the heat of “the sandbox” for over a year during his deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom– to the most remote regions of rural Alaska including the Arctic Circle.

Jonathan Hursh believes wholeheartedly in “overcoming every obstacle, facing every adversity, and exposing every deception.”

I, Jonathan Hursh, would like to provide the following statement,

“I believe God has specific objectives for me to accomplish, trusts me obey and follow through, and insists I reflect his love and forgiveness to others in the way he has modeled for me. He also stated, I have realized in life that I can do anything – “I have also realized that I have to be willing to work for it”.

As a father to a daughter and a Disabled U.S. Army Veteran myself–I am committed to bringing to the forefront an awareness for unknown ‘HEROES IN THE SHADOWS’ many of whom never received any recognition.

I’ve never received any recognition other than an exemplified extraordinary courage, loyalty to country, and action without hesitation– even in the face of harm and recorded and acknowledged In hopes of jumpstarting a community that honors Military service members, veterans, and their families. Provides civilian education In regard to the treatment of Our Lady’s defenders education regarding hidden disabilities, treatment Iptions,

A note from the author:

This documentary narrative aims to highlight United States Military Veterans personal and extraordinary experiences -pre and -post voluntary service. All stories considered—US Armed Forces untold stories of service, sacrifice, and re-adjustment to life at home following discharge.

Donations help Support actual veterans and allow the mission to continue.

Please help anyway you can. You can contribute through paypal @: jonathanhursh2020@gmail.com

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